Posted on Jan 27, 2019

Nova Custom Builders, LLC

Insulating with mineral wool has superior benefits to fiberglass and even spray foam.

1. Mineral wool insulation has fire-retardant properties inherent to the product. Spray foam is extremely toxic and flammable!
2. Mineral wool has the ability to dry out after getting wet from moisture. With fiberglass and spray foam it will be a total loss.
3. Mineral wool is very dense. It is great at sound deadening, and what's more, the product can be shaped and carved out to go around boxes, blocking, etc.
4. When comparing thicknesses, 3.50 inches of mineral wool has an R-value of 15, and 5.50 inches has an R-value of 23!

When looking to insulate, consider using a mineral wool insulation product.
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